A beginning for L A Moss Creative

Creating something beautiful or useful fills my soul with joy. The types of creating I have gravitated toward are art, photography, and crafts.


In recent years this has become my passion. I started with watercolor painting in a community arts class with a friend in Signal Mountain, Tennessee.

The Pepperpot Tower at Powerscourt Estate, Wicklow, Ireland–Watercolor

I’ve played around with acrylic paints, pastels, oil pastels, and other media, and currently paint mostly in oil. I started studying oil through a community class at a small local college in Winston-Salem, NC, and as I’ve gotten more serious have begun studying with the J. Kirk Richards Studio Academy. It has helped me hone my skills and focus my energies. I am truly grateful for what I have learned there under Kirk’s tutelage and from the other students.

Gold on California Coastal Highway 101–Oil on Canvas

Here are a few other pieces I’ve done recently. I’m working on getting them up for sale on my website. Gold of California Coastal Highway 101 has already been sold, but I have many other pieces, including The Pepperpot from above, for those who are interested.

I have used a friend or family member’s picture as a reference on occasion, but I take most of the reference pictures for anything I paint, which leads me to–


I learned photography in the 6th grade in a special program in school. We took pictures with black and white film and developed the film and pictures in a darkroom. We had a complementary unit in the program in 8th grade that deepened our understanding and furthered our skills helping us be more independent as photographers and in the darkroom. I loved it and ever since have felt most comfortable behind the camera in a room full of people. I was a yearbook photographer all through high school and have considered many times becoming a professional photographer. Now, I’m selling some pictures online as stock

Tand have taken senior pictures and many weddings (mostly for family). Doing things for my family leads me to all the things I make for them and their children. That brings us to–


I started doing crafts when I was very young. Through the years I’ve crocheted, cross-stitched, stamped, made paper, and stenciled, but my favorite and the one I still persist in regularly is knitting.

I learned to knit from a college roommate who learned from another of our roommates who was from Germany, so we knit in the continental style. The German roommate learned from her mother when she was a little girl and was an incredible knitter who could make up patterns and create the most beautiful sweaters. She was so fast at it as well. I’ve still not achieved anywhere near her speed, even after 30 years of knitting.

I am making things for children mostly these days.

There are three grandchildren coming this year and even more grandnieces and nephews, so, until after the family flood, knitting for others is on hold. Eventually, I plan to sell knitted items. Plus, there is the potential for other types of crafted items, so I’d like to keep that avenue open.

There you have it! L A Moss Creative is launched online!

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